Inn Keeper with her dog and birds. Dubrovnik, Croatia May 2007

Masked animal. Philadelphia, PA Feb 2007

Ron with Tommy Gun The Farm, PA July 2005

Fish Market. Split, Croatia May 2007

Man Killing a Wingedlion. Kurcula, Croatia May 2007

Naked boy running. Costa Rica Dec. 2006

Trapped Gorilla. Cheltenham, PA Dec 2006

Yard Work. Costa Rica Dec. 2006

Vito. NYC Sept. 2003

Touching time. Wyndmor, PA June 2007

Medusa. Florence, Italy Sept. 2007

Filippo running with the clouds. Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Dec 2006

Jaden with a rain deer Oradel, NJ Jan. 2007

Helicopter with mechanical palm. Long Island City, NYC Aug. 2007

David Haas printing. Allentown, PA November 2007

Halloween, outside of cheap shots. NYC Oct. 2007

Digging out a boat. Wellfleet, MA June 2007