American Climax

Jeremy Mink with his dogs Dickshooter, Idaho August 2005

A goober GooberTown Arkansas August 2005

Holdin on at the bar. Wisconsin June 2005

Walters Tavern  Unionville, PA August 2005

Gary Gladstone reaching climax Climax, Minnesota May 2005

The road to Jackpot Jackpot, Navada August 2005

shoot up milk trucks Dickshooter, Idaho 2005

Gary looks for a Hooker resident. Hooker, Ohio May 2005

The Son of troublesome Troublesome, Colorado August 2008

The night before hitting the road New York City July 2005

Gary Gladstone Somewhere in the USA August 2005

Cowboy. Hole in the wall, Wyoming Aug. 2005

One mile to Climax North Carolina, June 2005

Remembering Butch and Sundance Hole in the Wall, Wyoming Aug 2005

Dirt Pile Fickle, Indiana May 2005

Gary and the retiried Pig farmer Fickle, Indiana May 2005

Morning TV. Dismal, Tennessee May 2005

Moving the bell. BeaverLick, Kentucky May 2005

DisneyLand. Randy, Willa, and Mom Flordia July 2005

Fickle, Indiana May 2005

Kicking up Dust Dickshooter, Idaho August 2005

This is This Dickshooter, Idaho August 2005

"Hell I was There." Dickshooter, Idaho August 2005

The Mayor of Dickshooter Dickshooter, Idaho August 2005

Sunday Morning Burnt Corn, Alabama August 2005

Mobile Home Salt Lake City, Utah July 2005

Men in the Workshop Erect, North Carolina May 2005

Cloud Troublesome, Colorado August 2005