Half awake mummers 2008

Paul Sweeny. Philadelpha, PA 2007

A theif being searched. Philadelpha, PA 2007

A man streching his horse 15th and arch. Philadelpha, PA 2007

Waiting for the Bus. Washington ave Philadelpha, PA 2007

Late July. 73rd + Kingsessing  Philadelpha, PA 2005

Peeing Mummers 2007

A plow made from a bike wheel. Philadelphia, PA 2006

Frank Byrd at the recovery center. Abington, PA 2007

Breathing trees. Roxborough, PA 2005

Pete returns home. 10th and oregan. South Philadelphia, PA 2000

Fire in dumpster. North Philadelphia, PA 2006

The Blessing. "Hoops Barber Shop" Philadelphia, PA 2002

Drinking by the river. Fishtown, PA 2007

Crossing Broad. Philadelphia, PA 2005

The Stable. Mt. Airy, PA 2006

Lint. 47th and Baltimore. West Philadelphia, PA 2005

Thadeus Starks. "C-sharps Grandpa" North Philadelphia, PA 2006

Frozen drip. Germantown, PA 2007

Swimming in New Jersey. Wildwood, NJ 2005